How to add resources to an event

This article will provide an overview on adding resources to your events.


Once you’ve created an event, you will, at some point, want to add resources and notes to the new event.  Once you’ve opened an event, there are several ways to add resources.  See this article that describes how to find and open events.  

From the list of occurrences

When you open any event, you land on the page below:Edit event

From this page, select one or more occurrences by checking the selection box, left of the date column.  You can select all occurrences by checking the selection box next to the column heading ‘Start Date’. 

Add Resources - Selecting occurrences

After selecting the occurrences that need resouces, press the Add Resources button that appears above the list of occurrences.   The following screen will appear:Add Resources - Resource selection


From the Resources tab


From the occurrence detail screen