How to Adjust the Service Charge Rate for a Pricing Plan

For certain events, service charges are applied at a higher rate, for example, weddings. Mazevo allows the service charge rate to be adjusted for specific pricing plans to easily adjust the rate calculated for an event.


It is common for foodservice operations to charge a higher service charge rate for certain events.  You can accomplish this in Mazévo by adding an adjustment to the rate on a pricing plan. 

Here's an example:

Normally, a 20% service charge is applied to all external events that request catering (food services); however, this rate is 25% for certain events. 

Setting a special service charge rate in Mazévo.

1) Navigate to Settings > Pricing Plans

2) Press Add Pricing Plan.

3) Enter the description for the new plan. (for example, Wedding)

4) Select Adjust Service Charge and enter the adjustment to the existing rate.  (for example, 5% would increase the base rate by 5%)

5) Press Save.

6) Press Manage Pricing.

7) Select the new pricing plan from the dropdown at the top of the screen.

8) Enter the room and resource pricing for the new plan.

The Adjust Service Charge field will only be available on the Pricing Plan if service charges are defined in the system.

Using the new pricing plan for events

Select the new pricing plan when creating or editing the event for events that need the higher rate applied to them.  The higher rate will be automatically calculated and applied on confirmations, invoices, and any report that displays revenue.