How to Attach a Room Diagram to Booking

This article describes the method for associating a room diagram to a booking.


Room diagrams are drawings that visually depict the room layout for an event.  Attaching or associating a diagram to a booking helps communicate the detailed requirements of the customer to event planners and operations personnel from a central storage location. 

 Attaching a diagram to one or more bookings

1) Open the event in the event editor

2) Select one or more bookings to attach the drawing to.

Diagram - Select Bookings-1

3) Select Change Room Diagram from the bookings menu

4) Select the type of diagram to be added or changed, Link, or Attachment.  For a link, enter the URL of the diagram and an optional description. For an attachment, upload the file.

Changing the room diagram on selected bookings

5) Press Save.


After saving the setup diagram, an icon will appear in the setup column to indicate that the booking has an associated diagram.

Diagram - Results


Adding a diagram while editing a booking

In addition, the URL can be added when editing an individual booking. 

1) Open the event in the event editor.

2) Open the booking from the grid by clicking on the date of the booking you want to edit.

3) Press the Edit Booking button.

4) Navigate to the Other tab.

5) Enter the Setup Diagram URL and Description, press Save.


Diagram - Edit Booking




Users of the Mazevo Ops app will be able to view the diagram when using the app.