How to cancel an event

This article will describe how to cancel one or more bookings on an event.


As a review, an event is comprised of one or more bookings.  Each booking specifies the Room, Date, Start Time, End Time and Status.   Cancelling an event is a simple as changing the status of all bookings to a ‘cancelled’ status. 

Rather than cancelling all bookings, you can change one or more bookings to cancelled and leave the rest of the bookings untouched.  This would be the case if a user decides that they won’t need a room on a particular date, but still plans to use the room(s) on the remaining dates. 

When an booking is ‘cancelled’ the space that the booking was holding is returned to the system as available to book for another event.  The system keeps cancelled bookings in the system for reporting purposes. 


Steps to cancelling occurrences

  1. Open the event.  You can find the event by using one of the following methods:
    1. Use ‘Find Events’
    2. Use ‘Event Book’
    3. Use ‘Find Event’ in the tool bar
  2. Select one or more bookings to cancel.  You can easily select all bookings by checking the box above the list of bookings.
  3. Select Change Event > Change Status and pick a cancelled status from the list and press Save.

This video will demonstrate the process of cancelling bookings.

Cancel Event