How to Change an Invoice After It's Been Created

Fixing an error on an invoice is easy in Mazévo. Just edit the event to make the necessary adjustment and then 'Regenerate' the invoice.

Changing an invoice once it has been created

1) Open the event that has the invoicing error.

2) Make the necessary adjustments to the event, such as changing the quantity of a resource or adding a new resource.

3) On the Invoicing tab, press the Regenerate button, and the original invoice will be deleted, and a new invoice will be created and will be ready to send to your customer. 


The new invoice will have a new invoice number assigned and associated with the original invoice's Invoicing Department.  The booking date range used on the original invoice will be used on the new invoice.

Any deposits or payments on the original invoice will be applied to the new invoice.  If there are unapplied deposits on the event, those will also be tied to the newly-created invoice.

If you need to change the dates of the bookings included on the invoice, you will need to delete the original invoice and create a new invoice rather than use the regenerate function.