How to Change the Time of a Booking

Change the time of a booking by opening an event, selecting the bookings, and entering a new start and end time.


To change the time of a booking, you open the event, select the bookings, and indicate the new time frame.   

Here's a video on changing times.

To change a booking's time:

1.  Locate and open the event containing the booking(s) you want to edit. 

Changing Event - Open

2.  Check the box next to the booking(s) to be changed. You can use the checkbox at the top of the column to select/unselect all bookings. 

Changing Event - Select bookings

3.  Hover over Change Bookings and select Change Times.

Change Event - Change Times

4.  Enter a new start time and/or end time.

Changing the time on selected booking(s)

5.  Click Save.