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How to Clean Up Unused Records

Mazevo has a setup of specialized tools that allow an adminstrator to find records that aren't used in the system and delete them.


The following record types have a tool to locate unused records and delete them:

  • Rooms
  • Organizations
  • Contacts (not tied to a user account)
  • Users
  • Approval Definitions
  • Event Questions
  • Pricing Plans
  • Scheduled Emails
  • Tasks

The cleanup tool identifies unused records but can be used to see the number of bookings and the first and last date a booking or event used the record. The dates are helpful when used with the Delete Old Events tool.  


Using the Cleanup Tool

From the main screen used to manage rooms, organizations, or contacts:

1) Click on the Clean Up link. 

A screenshot that shows the location of the cleanup tool for rooms

2) The screen will display a grid of all of the records that can be deleted.

The room cleanup tool

3) Using the checkboxes at the left of each row, check the records to be deleted and press Delete on the popup menu bar. If a record does not have a checkbox, the system has determined that the record is tied to existing events/bookings or was created within the last 12 months.

4) Press Exit Clean Up to return to the previous screen.

Viewing usage for all records

While in Cleanup Mode (after pressing Clean Up), check the Show All Rooms to view room usage statistics, including the number of bookings, first booking date, last booking date, date created, and who created the record.  You can sort the data presented by clicking on one of the column headings.  


The checkbox 'Show All' will correspond to the data you view, like Rooms, Contacts, etc.


Viewing all room records in clean up mode-1

A record will only have the checkbox (or trash can icon) if the record has no bookings and was not created within the last year.  The date created will be in italics if it is within the one-year timeframe.