How to Configure a Room Sign

This article reviews the process of adding a new room sign to your Mazévo system.

Setting up a new room sign in Mazévo

Rooms signs, called Devices in Mazévo, are electronic displays mounted outside of a meeting or conference rooms that display the events for a given room on the current date.  

Typically, rooms signs installed in a facility are configured to look the same way. In Mazévo, each device (or sign) is associated with Room Sign Profile.  Each profile has various settings used by the signs tied to it.  The purpose of profiles is to make managing changes to signs easier by managing the changes thru a profile rather than each individual sign.


To configure room signs, a user needs the Room Sign Administrator role (or Global Admin Role).

Create a new profile, if one doesn't exist:

1) Navigate to Settings > Room Sign Profiles

2) Press Add Room Sign Profile

3) Enter the following information:

  • Profile name 
  • Statuses  -  Select statuses of bookings to display on signs associated with this profile.
  • Background Image URL - Optional - URL to an image to be used as a background image
  • Background Image Font Color - Font Color to be used for text that displays on over the background image located on the left side of the panel.
  • Hide Contact - To hide the contact name from appearing on the device, check this box.
  • Hide Organization - To hide the Organization name from appearing on the device, check this box.
  • Number of days to display in the future - Enter how many additional days events should be displayed on the device.  O days will limit the display to 'Today's' Events, 1 day would display today and tomorrow's events.  The maximum number of additional days that can be displayed is 6.


Create a new device

1) Navigate to Settings > Room Sign Profiles > Manage Devices

2) Press Add Device

3) Enter the following information:

  • Room Sign Profile - select a profile from the dropdown list. 
  • Room - Select the room to be displayed on the device.
  • Device Id - Assign a unique number/id to the device.   If you only have a few devices to configure, a simple numbering scheme will work just fine.  Something like Room1, Room2.
  • Device Type - select the type of device from the dropdown list.  The choices are Android/iOS tablet or Iadea Media Player.

4) Press Save.


Configure the device

From the device itself, perform the following steps:

1) Open the browser on the device and navigate to HTTP://

2) Sign in to Mazévo with a User ID and Password. This user must have the room sign administrator role.

3) Enter the Device ID for this device and press Save.