How to Copy a Request

If your system administrator has enabled the feature, as a requester, you can copy past events and all of the details to a new date in the future.

How to copy a past event

  1. Navigate to My Events.
  2. Select the Past Events tab.
  3. Locate the event you want to copy and press the copy icon (to the left of the event id).
  4. Select the new Start Date for the event and press Next.
  5. The Copy Request page will display the event information and the bookings that will be copied.
  6. Press Next to complete the copy.

Limitations for copying events

  • The event must be in the past.
  • Only pending and booked statuses will be copied.
  • Only bookings in rooms that you can book will be copied.
  • All resources will be copied.
  • The new event will need to be reviewed by an event planner.