How to Copy an Event

This article explains how to duplicate an existing event.


To streamline the creation of new events, Mazévo allows you to copy an existing event quickly. 

What gets copied:

  • Event Name
  • Event Description
  • Organization
  • Contacts
  • Pricing Plan, Billing Code, Tax and Service Charge indicators
  • Bookings (that were not in a canceled status on the original event)
  • Resource Details
  • Approvals 
  • Tasks
  • Scheduled Emails

What doesn't get copied:

  • Event Notes
  • Messages/Conversations
  • Linked Documents
  • Emai History

To copy an event:

1. Locate and open the event you want to copy using any of the tools in Mazévo. Learn how to open an event.

2. Click the copy button in the upper right corner of the event panel.

Copy event link

3. Enter the start date for the new event.

Copy event

4. Check Use Conflict Status if Room Is Not Available if your system has a conflict status defined and you want to preserve all of the bookings during the copy process.

5. Press Copy.

Mazévo copies all non-canceled bookings and resource details and displays them in the event editor window. The system also applies a unique event number to the event. If you use the conflict status, bookings that are not available will be set to the conflict status. Otherwise, Mazévo will cancel the bookings.