How to Copy Resources

In Mazévo, you can quickly copy resources from one booking to another with just a few keystrokes. You can even paste the resources onto booking on a different event.

Copying Resources

1. Open the event that has the resources to be copied.

2. From the booking editor or the resources tab, select one or more resources and press Copy from the popup menu. An alert banner will appear at the top of the event editor, indicating that Resources have been copied to the resource clipboard.

3. On the bookings tab, select the bookings to paste the resources onto and press Paste Resources on the popup menu.

4. After pasting the resources, the system will prompt whether you want to keep the resources on the clipboard to paste to other bookings.  Selecting No, will clear the clipboard.


You can copy resources from one event to another by selecting the source booking resources and then opening another event and selecting the destination bookings.


When selecting the resources to copy, you can select resources from one or more service providers.  The system will only paste the appropriate resources to bookings that can utilize the resources.