Buildings: What They Are and How to Create Them

Buildings are collections of spaces that can be reserved. Often those spaces are rooms, but a building like a stadium might have fields and other reservable areas that don't fit the traditional definition of a room.

To create a building:

  1. Go to Settings > Buildings. A list of all buildings in the system is displayed. 
  2. Click Add Building to create a new building. You can also select a building from the list to edit its information.
  3. Type the name of the building.
  4. Select the time zone in which the building resides. See below for information on time zones.
  5. Click Save.

Overview of Time Zones

Each building in the system is associated with a time zone. Time zones are used to ensure that times are handled properly across different geographic locations. For the majority of Mazévo implementations, all buildings will have the same time zone, and the concept of time zones will be hidden from system users. 

If your organization has buildings in multiple time zones, Mazevo will automatically adjust times between locations, prompting for time zone only when necessary to create an event. This is useful for scheduling audio and video conferences with rooms in different regions.