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How to Create a Sales Report

Using Mazévo's analytics tool, you can easily and quickly report on sales data. Sales data can be analyzed in numerous ways, including location, event type, organization, and service provider.

How do you want to report on sales?

You can report on sales by a variety of different data elements.  Below is a list of the different ways to report revenue:

  • Room
  • Building
  • Room Type
  • Event Type
  • Organization
  • Contact
  • Service Provider
  • Resource
  • Organization Type

What should be included in sales

When you run a sales report, you can include revenue derived from the resources, the room charges, or both.  

Reporting on Revenue 

  1. Navigate to Reports > Analytics.
  2. Select how you are reporting revenue from the Analyze dropdown.
  3. In the Display dropdown, select Total Revenue of Bookings and what to include in the calculation, revenue from resource charges and/or revenue from room charges.
  4. Select how many results to return in the Top dropdown (5, 10, or all). 
  5. Select a Date Range.
  6. Select the Locations to be included in the results.  The default is all buildings.
  7. Select the Statuses to be included in the results (typically, you will exclude canceled bookings). The default is all book space statuses. 
  8. If you want to limit the results to rooms that used a particular service(s), select the appropriate Service Providers.  This is useful if you want to limit revenue to a select number of providers, for example, Food Service revenue.
  9. If you want to further filter the data by organization type, select the organization types to include.
  10. Press Run to see the results in a chart. To see the detailed data, press Data below the chart.