Event Types: What They Are and How to Create Them

Event types are used to categorize events in Mazévo. An Event type can be added to an event or to a booking.

Event types are used to categorize events in Mazévo.  Here are examples of common event types:

  • Meeting
  • Conference
  • Class
  • Wedding
  • Fundraiser

Creating an Event Type

To create an event type:

  1. Go to Settings > Event Types. The system will display a list of all of the event types in the system.
  2. Click Add Event Type to create a new record or select an event type from the list to edit it.
    Event Type
  3. Enter the name of the event type, and if the event should be available for requesters to use, check the Requestable field.  

Setting Requestable for Multiple Event Types 

You can make changes to the Requestable flag on more than one event type record by selecting the check box to the left of the event type on the records you would like to change.  After checking the records to change, choose Requestable > Yes or Requestable > No from the menu that appears.


Where Event Types are Used

Event Planners can specify the event type on the event or the booking.  The event type at the booking level takes precedence over the event level.

Event types are used as filters throughout the system to limit the data presented.  Here are some of the tools that have event type filtering:

  • Find Events
  • Activity Log
  • Event Calendar
  • Daily Operations Report
  • Event List
  • Analytics