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How to Delete a Record in Mazévo Settings

Deleting records in Mazévo settings is accomplished by marking the record as disabled. This removes the record from further use, but keeps the record around to allow for more accurate historical reporting.


In Mazévo's settings, if a record has been used on an event, that particular record can not be deleted.  For example, if you have a room defined in settings and you have bookings for that room, regardless of the booking date (past, present, or future), the room can not be deleted. The reason for this is that Mazévo needs to keep the room record intact for historical reports.  To prevent the room from being used on future bookings, simply mark the room as disabled.  A disabled record will not be available to use for new events or while editing existing events.

Marking a record as disabled.  (A Room in this example)

1) Navigate to Settings > Rooms.  

2) Edit the room that needs to be disabled.

3) Check the Disabled checkbox and press Save.

Records that can be disabled in Mazévo

  • Buildings
  • Rooms
  • Room Setups
  • Service Providers
  • Resources
  • Organizations
  • Contacts
  • Statuses
  • Cancel Reasons
  • Event Types
  • Pricing Plans
  • Messages
  • Invoicing Departments

Other record types that are not in the list above can be deleted by using the delete icon on the grid. Organization Types, Room Types, and Resource Groupings are examples of records that can be deleted rather than disabled.  These records are not directly tied to the event structure and therefore, can be removed rather than disabled.