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How to Delete Old Event Data

Mazevo has a tool available to Global Administrators that allows the admin to submit a request to purge old data prior to a specified date. The actual deletion of the data will occur after a seven-day waiting period.


Mazevo allows a global administrator to submit a request to delete old events and course data.  The request is held for seven days before processing to allow any global administrator to cancel the deletion request.  Only one request for data deletion is allowed at a time.

Once a deletion request is created, all global administrators will be notified via email that a request has been submitted.  Any global administrator can delete the request before it is processed.  All global admins will receive 3 emails: one when the initial request is submitted, one email three days before the deletion, and a final email the day before the deletion is processed.

What is deleted

Event Data:

  • All Bookings before the selected date are deleted.
  • All Resources for the deleted bookings.
  • All change history for the bookings, resources (and events).
  • Events with no bookings remaining will be deleted along with all associated event data (Tasks, notes, messages, attachments, email history).
  • All invoicing data for the events that are deleted.

Course Data

  • All Course data (course, meeting dates, and change history) before the selected date are deleted.
  • Term records that no longer have any courses are deleted.

Other Data

  • Building Hours before the deletion date are deleted.
  • Special Dates before the deletion date are deleted.


How to submit a request to delete data

  1. Hover your cursor over the arrow beside your initial in the upper right corner of the window. 
  2. Select Delete Old Data.
    How to submit a request to delete data
  3. Click Add Request.
  4. Enter the date for deletion.  All data before this date will be deleted.
  5. Press Delete.
  6. Confirm the request by typing DELETE and pressing Yes.