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How to Export Data to Excel or PDF

Mazévo lets you easily export data into excel or a pdf format. Exporting is available from all configuration items in Settings and the event planning tools.


It is straightforward to export data from Mazévo.  Generally, when exporting the data, you'll have a choice between exporting to an excel or pdf document. 

Below is an example of how to export a list of event types.  The process is the same for all data that you can export.

At the top right of the grid, you'll find the export option. 

Event Types - Grid

Clicking on the export link will present a choice of exporting to excel or to pdf.

Event Types - Export options

The results will automatically be downloaded into the browser's download folder.


In addition to exporting all configuration settings, you can export from the following functions in Mazévo:

  • Find Events
  • Activity Log
  • Event Calendar
  • Organizations
  • Contacts
  • Manage Task
  • Analytics
  • Revenue Analytics
  • Resource Usage