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How to Export Data to Excel or PDF

Mazévo lets you easily export data into excel or into a pdf format.


It is straightforward to export data from Mazévo.  Generally, when exporting the data, you'll have a choice between exporting to an excel or pdf document. 

Exporting is available from all of the different configuration items in Settings. Below is an example of how to export a list of event types.  The process is the same for all data that you can export.

At the top right of the grid, you'll find the export option. 

Event Types - Grid

Clicking on the export link will present a choice of exporting to excel or to pdf.

Event Types - Export options

The results will automatically be downloaded into the browser's download folder.


In addition to exporting all configuration settings, you can export from the following functions in Mazévo:

  • Find Events
  • Activity Log
  • Event Calendar
  • Organizations
  • Contacts
  • Manage Task
  • Analytics
  • Revenue Analytics
  • Resource Usage