How to Find Academic Conflicts

Academic conflicts can occur when a term is processed because Mazévo gives priority to academic classes over any event bookings using academic spaces. Mazévo changes the status of these event bookings to Academic Conflict.


When an academic term is imported and processed in Mazévo, any bookings for academic space are given priority over any other bookings.   Any booking that is blocking space will be changed into a special status - Academic Conflict. These conflicts will need to be addressed by changing the booking to a different room, changing the date/time of the booking, or canceling the booking.


Finding Academic Conflicts

There are several tools in Mazévo used to locate bookings in the academic conflict status. They are:

Day at a Glance

If you are using the academic tools in Mavévo, a unique tool will be available on Day at a Glance, Academic Conflicts. Clicking this bubble displays bookings changed into the conflict status during the processing of a term.  

Find Events (Advanced Mode)
You can use Find Events - Advanced Mode. You will need to add a filter for status, selecting the academic conflict status.


Event Book

Bookings in the conflict status are displayed in the color set on the academic conflict status.