How to Import Buildings and Rooms

Mazévo can import buildings and related rooms from a CSV file. However, importing will only create new buildings and rooms. Updates to existing records are not supported.

Overview and what gets imported

Records that are imported:

  • Mazévo will create new buildings if the building name doesn't already exist.
  • Mazévo will create new rooms if the room name doesn't already exist in the room table.

File Format Requirements

The file needs to be a text file in a CSV (comma-separated values) format or a tab-delimited format.

The first row in the file needs to have column names.  

The columns need to appear in the following order:

  • Building (Required - text)
  • Time Zone (Optional - text - if blank, you'll be prompted to select a timezone during the import process).  Valid values are:
    • Pacific Standard Time
    • Mountain Standard Time
    • Central Standard Time
    • Eastern Standard Time
  • Room (Required - text)
  • Room Type (Optional - text)
  • Setup Minutes (Optional - integer - defaults to 0 if not specified)
  • Teardown Minutes (Optional - integer - defaults to 0 if not specified)
  • Min Cap (Optional - integer - defaults to 0 if not specified)
  • Max Cap (Optional - integer - defaults to 0 if not specified)
  • Room Cards (Optional - integer - defaults to 1 if not specified)
  • External Notes (Optional - text)
  • Internal Notes (Optional - text)


Importing data

  1. Navigate to Settings > Rooms.
  2. Press Import. Importing Rooms
  3. Press Upload Room File and select the file from your system, and a list of buildings that Mazévo will import is displayed.  If the data doesn't include timezone, you will be required to set it before proceeding.
  4. Press Import Buildings to start the building import. If no new buildings exist in the import file, this step will be skipped. 
  5. When buildings have been imported, Mazévo will display a list of rooms.  Press Import Rooms to begin the room import.