How to Import Resources

Mazévo can import service providers and related resources from a CSV, TXT, or Excel file. However, importing will only create new service providers and resources.

Overview and what gets imported

Records that are imported:

  • Mazévo will create new service providers if the service provider name doesn't already exist.
  • Mazévo will create new resources if the resource description doesn't exist in the resource table.

File Format Requirements

The file must be a text file in a CSV (comma-separated values), a tab-delimited format, or an Excel file (.xlsx).

The file's first row must have column names (Bolded below). The column names are case-sensitive.  

The columns need to appear in the following order:

  • ServiceProvider (Required - text)
  • Resource (Required - text)
  • InventoryQty (Optional - integer - defaults to 0 if not specified)
  • ResourceType (Optional - text) Note that you must create Resource Groupings in Mazévo first to match the values in this column. In addition, you can use the system-defined resource groupings of Notes and Service
  • Notes (Optional - text)

Importing data

  1. Navigate to Settings > Resources.
  2. Press Import. Importing resources
  3. Press Upload Resource File and select the file from your system, and a list of service providers that Mazévo will import is displayed.  
  4. Press Import Service Providers to start the import. This step will be skipped if no new service providers exist in the import file. 
  5. When service providers have been imported, Mazévo will display a list of resources. You can assign a resource grouping to each resource from the list of resources by pressing the Add link and selecting a group.  Press Import Resources to begin the import.

Imported resources will be marked as not requestable.