How to Make a Room Requestable

In Mazévo, you control which rooms are available in the requesting process. The method to mark a room as requestable depends on your system's security settings.

If Making a room requestable with standard security

  1. Navigate to Settings > Rooms.
  2. Using the checkboxes, select one or more rooms and select Requestable from the popup menu bar.Making a room requestable

Optionally, you can edit a specific room and check the Requestable checkbox.


Making a room requestable with advanced security

  1. Navigate to Settings > Security Policies.
  2. Click on the security group column for the selected policy to open the group editor. Security Policies - editing a security group
  3. Select one or more rooms using the checkboxes on the left and then press Assign Room Security Group on the Rooms tab.Assigning a security group to a room
  4. Select the Room Security Group to apply to the selected rooms and press Save.

If a room does not have a security group assigned, that room will NOT be available to request.