How to Manage Requesters

Event planners can manage user permissions for requesters, shifting the management of this large number of user accounts from the security administrator to the event planners.

This is a system setting that can be turned on by Mazévo support. By default, this setting is turned off for your account.

Adding a new requester

  1. Navigate to Events > Requesters.
  2. Press Add Requester.
  3. Enter the following information on the details tab:  Email, First Name, Last Name, and optionally a phone number.
  4. Select the Organizations that this requester can use when adding requests.
  5. Select the type of requester you are creating in the User Is Allowed To dropdown on the Security tab.  The user can create requests or only view their requests.
  6. If the user will be allowed to create requests, select the appropriate security policy.  The security policy will determine the rooms available to the requester and the time frames for making requests (adding and editing).
  7. Press Save.

The new user will automatically receive an email from that will prompt them to set an initial user password.  The password link in this email will expire in 24 hours.  You can resend the email by clicking on the 'Resend invite' link on the main list of requesters.  Once a user has set a password, the email confirmed column would be set to 'Yes.'  

Disabling a requester

  1. Navigate to Events > Requester.
  2. Select the user to be disabled by clicking on the user's name.
  3. Uncheck the Active flag.
  4. Press Save

A disabled requester will no longer have access to the system, but all of their events will remain in the system.