How to organize resources and services with resource groupings

Make sure your resources are easy to navigate with resource groupings.

Resource groupings allow you to break up long lists of resource and service items.

Create Resource Groupings

To define resource groupings go to Settings > Resource Groupings

Common examples of resource items:

Catering - Service, Beverage, Snack, Breakfast Lunch, Notes

AV - Audio, Video, Other

Facilities - Setup Type, Tables, Chairs, Notes

Resource Grouping Types

Resource grouping types allow you to classify your items as either a resource, service or note

Resource - for categorizing items.

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 9.03.45 AM

Service Description - describes how a service is to be provided. Can also be used to describe the setup configuration of a room

Catering Service Type Resource Grouping

Setup Type Resource Grouping

Notes - resource items that provide a freeform block of text with no quantity.

Resource Grouping Note