How to Process New Account Requests

Mazévo has a special tool, available for administrators, to process new account requests.


If you have turned on the ability for a new user to request an account from the login page, an administrator can process the account request into a new user account.  For each request, the administrator can either create a new user account, set the user's permissions, and send an invitation to set an initial password or deny (delete) the account request. 

Mazévo Support must activate the ability to accept account requests. 


Processing Account Requests

To process a new account request:

  1. Navigate to Day at a Glance > Requested Accounts.Account Requests displayed on the Day at a Glance screen
  2. From the grid, click on the email address for the request to be processed.The list of new accounts requested
  3. Edit the Name, Email Address, and Phone for the user, if necessary.Creating a new requester
  4. Select one or more Organizations to be associated with the new user.
  5. On the Security tab, select the type of requester account to create. Users can be created as a View Only Requester or as a requester that can create new event requests.  If the user will create new requests, select the appropriate security policy for the user.Setting the type or requester account to  be created
  6. Press Save.


If you want to deny the requester a new account, delete the record from the list of account requests by click on the delete icon.