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How to Reset a Term

After processing a term, you may decide that the published results are not what you expected. In this case, you can reset the term which removes all of the course booking records and makes the term available to make adjustments to room assignments.

Resetting a Term

After processing, if you find that the course bookings are not as expected, you can reset the term.  Resetting the term removes all of the course booking records and allows you to adjust any course room assignments, including the option to rerun the optimizer.


To reset a term:

  1. Navigate to Academics > Terms.
  2. Click on Reset Term for the appropriate term.
  3. Enter DELETE in the confirmation textbox and press YES.


Resetting the term does:

  • Resetting deletes all of the booking records associated with the term.
  • Does NOT update the SIS room assignment
  • Does NOT change any bookings put in conflict status when you processed the term.