How to Set the Print Sequence of Resources for Reports

Mazévo has the option to set the order that resources are displayed on reports. This is useful when the order that resources are displayed is important.


Catering and food service providers prefer that the resources are displayed logically on reports. For example, appetizers should appear first, before the main entree and the entree before the dessert.  

In Mazevo, this sequencing is set for resource groups rather than individual resources.  All resources associated with a group will be displayed in alphabetical order within the resource group.

Adjusting resource groups' sequence can be applied to any service provider in the system.

Setting the Print Sequence

1) Navigate to Settings > Resource Groups.

2) Press Set Sort Order.

3) Select the Service Provider using the dropdown box.

4) Using drag and drop, reorder the resource groups in the desired order.

4) Press Save.