How to Use Review Events in Mazévo Ops

The review events process in the Mazévo's Ops application can be used to manage upcoming events, replacing the need to print reports for a weekly operations meeting.


In most organizations, there is a weekly meeting in which Event Personnel, Building Managers, and Service Providers gather and review the upcoming events.  Typically, the attendees of this review process use hard copy reports to review each event, making notes for themselves on an event by event basis.  

The Review Events process in Mazévo facilitates this same process, but rather than use a hard copy report (Daily Operations Report), each attendee (user) can view and access all of the event details electronically. Users can enter notes and mark each event as reviewed.  The advantage beyond the eco-friendliness, is the system can now flag the user if an event that they previously marked as reviewed has changed.  

Review Events is available in the mobile app, as well as in the main Mazévo web application.  

To access Review Events, a user will need to have the Service Reviewer role assigned to their user account.

Viewing a day's events 

1) Navigate to Operations > Review Events on the web or select Review Events in the mobile app.

Review Events

2) Select the appropriate date from the date selector.

3) Optionally, select the buildings to display by using the filter option.

Review Events - Select buildings in filter


Viewing the details of an event and marking it as reviewed

1) Select an event by clicking on the event name. All of the event details will be available to review.

2) After viewing the event details for an event, check the Reviewed checkbox, and enter any notes about the event for future reference.  The notes will only be available to the user that enters the notes.  

Review Events - Marking an event as reviewed

3) Press Save.


Determining which events have changed since you reviewed them

On the main list of events for the selected day, there are 2 columns that indicate the current 'state' of the event for the current user.  The first column displays a colored bar for the 'state' of each event.  There is also a column, reviewed, that has a value for the current state of each event.   

Review Events - Colors and State

  • For an event that has not been reviewed, the color bar will be orange and the reviewed column will display No
  • For an event that has been reviewed, the color bar will be blue and the reviewed column will display Yes
  • For an event that was previously reviewed but has changed, the color bar will be yellow and the reviewed column will display Changed

When you drill into an event that has changed, a message is displayed indicating the date and time the event was last reviewed.  The display will also indicate what details are new or changed (See image below). Marking the event as reviewed again will change the colored bar and state back to that of a reviewed event (blue and reviewed Yes).

Review Events - Things that have changed