How to Use the Academic Book

The Academic Book is a graphical depiction of the weekly activity for a room or an instructor. When viewing the book for a room, both academic and event data is displayed.

Using the Academic Book

  1. Goto Academics > Academic Book.
  2. Select a Term from the dropdown box.
  3. Select Search By (Room or Instructor). Select a building and room from the dropdown boxes if you selected Room. If you selected Instructor, select an instructor from the dropbox box.
  4. Press Search to display a weekly calendar.

Academic Book by Room


Navigating the display


Changing the date

The book will always display a week starting on Sunday.

  • Press Today to display the current week
  • Press < or > to scroll backward or forward by a week
  • Click on the date range to quickly select a different date.

Academic Book - Buttons to change the date

Viewing business hours versus the full day

By default, the book will display bookings between 8 am and 5 pm.  To view the entire day, press Show Full Day.

Academic book - the full day button

Viewing Course or Event Information

Clicking on a course or event bar will display additional information about that booking.  

Academic Book - Course information