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How to Use the Optimizer's Filtering Functions

While using the Mazévo optimizer, several filters are available to help you with the course assignment process.


You may need to see a filtered list of courses when optimizing a term, say by subject. Filtering will narrow down the list of data you are working with, making it easier to make assignments.

Mazévo has several built-in filter functions located at the top of the grid (the one that displays the list of courses).


The filters are:

Search for a course - This is a powerful, free-form filter that searches the list of classes for rows that include the text entered in the search field.

Back To Back - This will filter the list of courses to just the back-to-back classes. Back-to-back courses have the same instructor, days of the week, start time, and end time and are with the start time within 10 minutes of the previous course's end time. Mazévo optimizer will try to assign back-to-back classes to the same room.  

Notes - This filters the list of courses where the instructor has notes defined. You can enter notes for any instructor to notate room preferences or special needs.  

Match - This filter can locate courses with matching dates, times, and instructors. These courses may need to use the same room (Meets Together, Shared Room). Using this filter makes it easy to locate potential candidates for sharing space.

New Room Assigned - When assigning rooms, it may be desirable to limit the list of courses to just the courses with or without a new room assignment.

Has SIS Room - This filter is useful when courses are imported from the SIS that does not have preassigned rooms (as set in the SIS). For example, you can use this filter to select all courses with a preassigned room and then use the Assign SIS Room function. Assigning the SIS room to a course tells the optimizer to leave this course out of the optimization process.