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Resource Usage Report

The Resource Usage Report displays the quantities of resources needed by date and by resource. Two output options control how information is displayed: quantity used and quantity in use.


With Quantity Used, Mazévo provides a total quantity used by date for each resource across all bookings. This summary is useful for determining how much you are using of consumable resources like catering items. (How many gallons of coffee will be used on Monday? How many turkey sandwiches need to be made on Tuesday?) 

Quantity in Use displays the number of items in inventory (i.e., items that are used but not consumed) that are reserved by date and time. This version of the report provides the ability to identify situations where resource usage has exceeded inventory quantity. This is useful for determining if there are resources that are over-committed. (We have three data projectors but four are needed next Wednesday at 3 p.m.)

Running the Resource Usage Report  

To run the report to determine, for example, the quantity used for all items this week in all buildings, you would set it up as follows: 

Resource Usage - 1

An example of the resulting output is:

Resource Usage - 2

There is the option to collapse the daily display to just the total usage for the time period selected. 


If the output option is Quantity in Use, on the other hand, the results are:

Resource Usage - In Use

Notice that on Monday, October 28, the Lapel Mic has a quantity used greater than the quantity available. Consequently, the quantity is highlighted. 

With either output option, clicking on the quantity displays the bookings that are using the resource. Also, for either output choice, clicking the graph icon displays a graph of the usage by hour:

Resource Usage - by time of day