Invoicing Departments: What They Are and How to Create Them

Mazévo, a cloud-based room scheduling system, allows for the separation of invoicing processes based on locations and services. The separation is accomplished by defining multiple invoicing departments.


If your organization will be using the advanced invoicing functions in Mazévo, you must define at least one invoicing department. For each department, you specify invoice heading information and filters.

In the example below, the department only invoices for confirmed AV charges in Building 1. Another invoicing department can be created that bills other items, such as room and catering charges.

Invoicing Department - Main screen

The data entered when defining the department is used primarily to format the invoice, providing the header information (name, address, phone, and logo), the initial invoice number, and payment terms. 

The email address will allow anyone who receives an emailed invoice from Mazévo to reply back to that address. 


Along with the formatting information, you also select the buildings, services, and statuses that the department is responsible for billing.  You can also specify messages to include in the heading and footer of the invoice.Invoicing Department - Filters and messages

To create an invoicing department:

  1. Go to Settings > Invoicing, and click Add Invoicing Department.
  2. Type the name and email address, and other optional information if appropriate.
  3. Indicate the initial invoice number for the department. 
  4. Click the Filters tab and indicate the buildings, statuses, and service providers that apply to this department. You can also set the default header and footer messages for this department by selecting one or more messages.
  5. If the department will be billing for room charges, check the Invoice Room Charges box
  6. Click Save