Managing Inventory Issues as an Event Planner

During the requesting process, requesters may receive an alert that some of their requested resources are not available. Mazévo retains the original resources requested and allows the event planner to view and resolve the issues.


As a requester is creating a new request that includes inventoried resources, if the entire quantity of the requested resource(s) is(are) not available for the date and times, the requester will receive a message to that effect.  The event planner can attempt to resolve the conflict or delete the requested resources when reviewing the event in the event editor.


Resolving the issue

After opening an event in the event editor, if there are inventory issues, you will see a warning icon in the services columns for any booking that had requested resources that were not available when the requester created the request.

An event with inventory issues displayed in the event editor

After clicking on the booking date to open the booking, the Resolve Inventory Issue link is displayed:

An example of the booking edit screen with the reslove inventory issue link

Clicking the Resolve Inventory Issues link displays a list of resources that were not available when the requester made the initial request. In addition, the quantity requested, along with the current inventory, is displayed (available).  The event planner has up to three options to select from:

  • Use Requested - This will add the resource to the booking with the requested quantity, which may exceed the quantity available.  
  • Use Available - This will add the resources to the booking with the currently available inventory quantity.
  • Delete - This will delete the requested resource.

An example of the resolve inventory screen-1