Managing New User Accounts Created by SSO

Mazévo can use SSO to authenticate user access to the system and you can automatically grant these accounts a default level of access to Mazévo. To facilitate managing these new users, Mazévo will alert administrators of these new accounts


As a new user accesses the system for the first time, Mazévo can grant the new user access to the system as a requester.  The user record will be created with the default SSO security policy.  To help facilitate locating these new user accounts, there are 2 tools that administrators can use to locate these new accounts.


Day at a Glance

Users with the global administrator role or the user administrator role will see a new tool in Day at a Glance, New Users. Clicking on this tool will take you to the Users (Settings > Users) page with the Show New Users Only checkbox selected to quickly display the new accounts created via the SSO login process.

Day at a glance page with New Users bubble



The normal tool for managing user access is found at Settings > Users.  This tool is the primary tool for managing user accounts.  To locate new user accounts created via the SSO process, select the checkbox, Show New Users Only to limit the display to the new accounts.  From this view, you can edit access for the new users.  '

After reviewing/editing the new users' accounts, use the checkbox to select each user and mark the user account(s) as reviewed.


Users Page with Show New Users Checkbox