Overview of Academic Analytics

Academic Analytics in Mazévo provides quick access to statistics based on course data for instructors, rooms, subjects, and course types. The results include the number of course meetings, teaching hours, enrollment, and average seat fill.


The academic analytics tool in Mazévo allows a user to get statistical information on the following elements easily:

  • Instructors
  • Rooms
  • Course Types
  • Subjects

For each of the elements listed above, Mazévo returns the following summary data for a selected term:

  • Number of Course Meeting records
  • Total Hours (teaching hours or room usage)
  • Total Enrollment
  • Average seat fill

You can filter the data for a term by Building, Room, Subject, or Instructor. The results are presented in both a graphical and table format.  The table data can be exported to Excel.


To access Academic Analytics, a user will need the Advanced Academic role.


A sample of the results:

A sample of the academic analytics tool results in a graphical format.

A sample output from the Academic Analytics tool, in a table format.