Overview of Daily Logs

In Mazévo, Daily Logs are used to collect a variety of information from different users and workers. Once a log report is defined, it is assigned to users so they can file daily updates as required.


Administrators can use the Daily Log functions in Mazévo to collect various types of information from any user.  Examples of logs include:

  • Shift Report
  • Building Manager Report
  • Incident Report

A daily log is simply a series of questions that you want to ask a group of users.  For example, at the end of every day, maybe you'd like your facility managers to file a report on their activity for the day.  To accomplish this, you can define a log report in Mazévo and assign it to the facility managers, and each day, the managers can submit their answers.   All filed (or submitted) reports can be viewed using the Daily Log Report.  You can even publish the Daily Log Report and email a link to other users for quick viewing.


To use the daily log functions in Mazévo, you need to do the following:

  • Define a new log report - To create a new log report, go to Setting > Daily Logs.
  • Assign the log report to users - After creating a new log report, use the Manage Daily Logs to make the information available to the users that need to file the report.
  • Have Users start filing the reports - Show the users how to file a log report.  A File Log Report option will appear on their Mazévo menu based on the user's security roles.
  • Run a report for all submitted log reports - To create a list of all log reports submitted for a date range, use the Daily Log Reports function under Reports.