Overview of Mazévo Academics

Mazévo has a robust set of tools used to manage academic courses. The tools range from a simple import to a bidirectional integration with your Student Information System (SIS).


Mazévo's academic tools allow you to manage academic courses in Mazévo.  By having course data in Mazévo, all users have visibility into the complete inventory of available spaces, including those used by academic classes.  

The tools include:

  • Importing tools to get data into Mazévo.
  • Find courses is a powerful search tool to locate and view course data.
  • The Course Editor allows you to change course room assignments.
  • Academic Book is a graphical tool specifically designed for viewing courses in a weekly format.
  • Tools to make room assignments for courses (the Optimizer).
  • Analytical Reports

Getting course data into Mazévo

There are three different ways to get/import course data into Mazévo.  The options are:

  • Import courses from a flat file.
  • Use the Mazévo API to push course data into Mazévo.
  • Use the Advanced Academics tool that allows for bidirectional integration directly from your Student Information System (SIS).

When importing or processing course data, all of the academic terms will be locked to prevent issues with processing more than one term at a time. Once the process is finished, you can process data for another term.

Find Courses

Find Courses is a powerful tool that lets you view all of the courses for a specific term.  The data can be filtered by Term, Subject, and Instructor, with additional filtering available when viewing the results.

The Find Courses tool allows you to filter and display courses for a selected term.

Course Editor

The course editor is the tool you use to change the status or location of individual course meeting dates.  

Course editor


Academic Book

The Academic Book is a graphical depiction of the weekly activity for a room or an instructor. When viewing the book for a room, both academic and event data is displayed.

A sample screen showing the academic book for a single room

Course Optimizer

The course optimizer is used to automatically (or manually) assign a room to a course.  Registrars use this advanced tool to manage room assignments.  Depending on the institution's needs, room assignments may come from the SIS (preassigned), or the assignment can be made directly in Mazévo, with the resulting assignments updated into the SIS.

Academic Analytics

Academic Analytics provides insight into statistical information for instructors, rooms, subjects, and course types.