Overview of Mazévo Messaging

Mazévo has a built-in messaging system that allows users to communicate with other users, tying the messaging to each event.


The messaging features in the Mazévo application allow requesters, event planners, and operation workers to communicate within the app.  Messages are associated with the event without any further action from the messaging users. 


Who can send and receive messages?

Event planners, Operation Managers, Operations Workers, and requesters are the primary users of the messaging functionality.  Requesters can send a message to the group of Event Planners that manages their requests (events). While event planners can reply to the requester, they can also converse with other event planners and operation users.


Where do messages show

Messages display in the following locations:

  • Event editor
  • Day at a Glance - Unread Messages
  • The mobile app used by requesters
  • Alert bell 



For each event, one external channel is created by default, used for communications between event planners and the requester.   The external channel is the only channel that the requester will access.  Event planners can create new channels to communicate with other event planners. These additional channels are internal channels available only to event planners. 


When a message is received, the count of unread messages in the toolbar updates. Clicking on the alert icon, a bell will display a list of unread messages for the current user.