Overview of Notifications

Mazévo can be configured to send emails to event planners, administrators, and operation managers when events and requests are added or modified.


Event Planners, Global Administrators, Approvers, and Operations managers can opt-in to receive email notifications when events are added or changed. The email includes a summary of the event and a link to display all the changes.

Contact Mazévo support to activate notifications for your installation. By default, this feature is off.

Opting into notifications

To Opt-in to notifications:

1) Navigate to Profile and Preferences.

Notification tab on user profile and prefererences page

2) On the Notifications tab, select:

    1. Notify Me About Requests will send emails for all new and changed requests.
    2. Notify Me About Events From Other Users will send emails for all new and changed events created or modified by other event planners. 
    3. Notify Me About The Following Service Providers will send emails when resources for the selected service providers are added, changed, or deleted to a booking. Additionally, changes to date, time, room, and status will trigger this type of notification if the booking uses resources from the selected service provider.
    4. Notify Me Daily About Approvals Needed will send a daily reminder email for each approval that is still awaiting approval.  

3) Press Save.


What triggers a notification?

  • The booking needs to be in the future.
  • The booking needs to be in a building managed by the event planners. Global admins receive emails for all buildings.
  • Notifications are not sent to event planners and global admins for bookings they add or change.
  • Only critical booking changes trigger notifications. Critical booking changes include changes to the date, time, room, and status of a booking, whereas changes to the event name and event type are not considered critical.
  • Canceling a booking will trigger a change notification.
  • Any approval that is waiting to be reviewed.


What's the difference between a request and an event?

Requests are events initially entered by requesters. 

Event planners or global administrators create events.


When are the notifications sent?

By default, emails are sent out every 30 minutes. All changes to an event during the 30-minute period will be combined into one notification.