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Overview of Revenue Analytics

This article provides an overview of the Mazévo Revenue Analytics function.


The Revenue Analytics function in Mazévo provides summary information about the revenue generated for events or bookings. The results are organized by billing code but also include the account code associated with rooms and resources, thereby making them useful for generating revenue distribution reports used by accountants. The results can be exported as a spreadsheet.

Summary Options

There are two options available for revenue analytics:

  • By Event - This option summarizes data at the event level.
  • By Booking - This option summarizes data at the booking level.

In addition to the two formats, you can choose to include revenue derived from room fees and/or revenue from services.

Date Range

Revenue analytics can be run for any date range along with filters for time of day and day of week.

Filtering Options

There are several filtering options available when using revenue analytics: 

  • Buildings
  • Statuses
  • Service Providers