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Overview of Revenue Analytics

The Revenue Analytics function provides summary information about the revenue generated for events or bookings. The results are organized by billing code and include the account code associated with rooms and resources.

Revenue Analytic Options

Analyze Options

There are two options available for revenue analytics:

  • By Event - This option summarizes data at the event level.
  • By Booking - This option summarizes data at the booking level.

In addition to the two formats, you can include revenue derived from room fees and services.

Date Range Options

You can run revenue analytics for any date range. Predefined date ranges are selectable from the dropdown, and specific dates allow you to enter a start and end date.

You can choose a date range based on the booking or invoice date

Additional Filtering

You can also filter the results by:

  • Location
  • Status
  • Service Providers
  • Organization Types.

Exporting Results

After viewing the results in the grid, you can export them to Excel.  When exporting, an additional column, BookingID, is displayed.


If a booking spans midnight, the booking will only appear on the starting date.