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Processing a Term

After assigning rooms to all of your courses, either manually or via the Optimizer, the final step is to Process the term. Processing a term creates booking records and updates the SIS with the assigned room.

What does processing a term do?

Processing a term does the following:

  • Create booking records for each date the course occurs, except for the dates specified as excluded. If existing event bookings conflict with an academic booking, the event booking will have its status changed to the Academic Conflict status.
  • Mazévo updates the SIS with the room assignment.
  • Mazévo prevents the further use of the optimizer and process functions for the term.

If a course was excluded from the optimizer or had no assigned room, Mazévo will not create bookings nor update the SIS room assignment. 

Updating the SIS room assignment is an option set by Mazévo support. By default, updating the SIS assignment is off. Please get in touch with Mazévo support to change this for your account.