Making Events Public or Private

This article describes how to flag events as private. Private events are not displayed on the public calendar but are available to all event planners, service providers and administrators, and event owners.


When an event planner creates an event, they can indicate whether it is public or private. By default, events are public. Event planners can also edit existing events to make them private.  Private events are not displayed on the public calendar, but they are displayed in all other areas of the system. 

Making an Event Private When Creating It  

To make an event private when creating it, do the following:

  1. On the last screen of the Add New Event process, click the Private Event checkbox.
  2. Click Book Room.  

Private Event - Adding new event

Making an Existing Event Public or Private

To make an existing event public or private, do the following:

  1. Open the event and click Change Event.
  2. Click the Private Event checkbox to check or uncheck it as appropriate.
  3. Click Save

Private event - edit event