Room Setups: Managing Setup and Capacity Information

The article describes how to manage room capacity by setup style.


In Mazévo every room can be defined with a minimum and maximum capacity.  When scheduling events, Mazévo will use the room capacity to only display rooms that are able to hold the number of people you specified for the event. 

A rooms setup style can also be used to determine how many people a room can hold. For instance, a room set for theater style may hold more people than the same room set in a hollow square configuration.  You may also have some rooms that are unable to accommodate certain types of room setups.  Manage Room Setups is used to define the rooms that can use specific  setup styles along with the maximum capacity for that setup style.

Managing Room Setups

Navigate to Settings > Room Setups > Manage Room Setups

Manage Setup 1-1

After selecting Manage Room Setups, you will be on this screen:

Manage setup 2

To add a setup style to one or more rooms:

  1. Select the setup style to be applied to the room(s).
    Room Setup 3 - pick setup
  2. Select the rooms to apply the room setup to and select Apply Setup Style.
    Room Setup 4 - pcik rooms
  3. Enter the maximum capacity for this style and room.
    Room Setup 5 - enter capacity


To remove a setup style from one or more rooms:

  1. Select the room setup style to be removed from the room(s).
    Room Setup 3 - pick setup
  2. Select the rooms to remove the room setup from and select Remove Setup Style.
    Room Setup 6 - Remove style