Room Setups: What They Are and How to Create Them

When you reserve a room in Mazévo, you can indicate how the setup crew should arrange the room. This description can be referred to by whatever name you define - room layout, configuration, etc. We'll call it room setup.


Most organizations have several standard room setups that customers can use for events. Examples include:

  • Classroom
  • Hollow Square
  • U Shape
  • Rounds of 8
  • Theater

To create a room setup:

  1. Go to Settings > Room Setups and click Add Room Setup.
    Room Setup
  2. Type the name of the new room setup.
  3. Select an icon if applicable.
  4. Enter any descriptive notes that may help end-users understand what the best use of this setup is.
  5. Click Save.

To mark a room setup as requestable:

If you use Mazévo to take requests, you can limit which room setups you allow users to request.

  1. Click the box next to the room setup.
  2. On the menu that's displayed, choose Requestable > Yes.