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Seat Fill: What it is and How to Adjust it

Mazévo calculates the seat fill percentage for each course in a term by dividing the class enrollment by the room's capacity.

Seat Fill Percentage

Seat fill is a simple calculation of the course enrollment divided by the room's capacity.  For each if a course has an enrollment of 10 and the room can hold 20, the seat fill is 50% (10 / 20).  By default, the optimizer will try to fill a room up to 100% of the capacity, but there are situations (e.g., COVID) where you may not want to completely fill a room to its maximum capacity.

Requested Seat Fill

In the optimizer, for each course, you can set a Requested Seat Fill percentage that will lower the room's capacity to this new capacity.  By default, each course will have a requested seat fill of 100%.  

Example:  Accounting 101 has an enrollment of 20 and a requested seat fill of 50%.  If a room has a capacity of 20, the seat fill would be 100% - over the requested 50%.  The optimizer will need to find rooms with a capacity of 40 to accommodate the requested seat fill.


Changing the Seat Fill for a course

  1. Navigate to Academics > Terms > Optimize.
  2. Using the checkboxes on the left, select one or more courses to change.
  3. Chose Requested Seat Fill from the popup menu.
  4. Enter the Fill percent and press Apply.

Changing the seat fill percentage for selected courses