Security in Mazévo

This article describes the various types of users you can create in Mazévo and an overview of the security model.

Types of users

You can generally classify users in Mazévo into three major types.  These three types are:

  • Administrators
  • Event Planners
  • Requesters

In addition to the three main roles listed above, you can create users with access to other areas in Mazévo, such as reporting, operations, and invoicing.  Except for a user granted global administrator access, you can mix and match any other roles for each user.  For example,  an event planner can access reporting and billing functions.  


Administrators can be set up as Global Administrators with access to ALL Mazévo functions.  You should grant the global administrator role to just a few key system users.  Global administrators are the only users that can set/modify the account settings. In addition to the Global Administration role, several other admin roles grant access to various parts of the Mazévo Settings tools.  These additional roles are:

  • Facilities Administrator
  • Events Administrator
  • Billing Administrator
  • Services Administrator
  • Security Administrator

Event Planners

Event planners are users that can create, modify, and view events for any user or external customer. A particular type of event planner is limited to only viewing events. When a user is granted the Event Planner role, you must select the Create Events or View Events sub role.  A view-only event planner can view any event in the system.

Event planners that create events are further limited by building and security tags.  This means a planner can create events only in the buildings and rooms they have been granted access to. In addition, they will only have view-only access to the other buildings in the system. The event planner can open any event as long as they have rights to one or more bookings on the event. Bookings that the planner cannot access will be locked from any editing.


Requesters are users that can only manage or view their events.  Like event planners, requesters can be limited to a view-only role where they can only view events they are associated with as the primary, secondary, or billing contact.

Each requester is tied to a security policy that dictates the booking rules, such as which rooms can be requested and the booking time frames enforced for the requester.

Additional roles that are available in Mazévo

The following roles are available to assign to any user account except global administrators.  These roles can be mixed and matched with any other roles the user is assigned.  

Additional Roles
Role Allows access to:
Event Reporting Publisher Run and publish the Events List, Daily Operations Report, Service Orders, Rooms Cards, and the Resource Usage Report
Event Reporting Viewer Run any published report
Event Analytics Run and publish Analytics, and Revenue Analytics
Invoicing Create invoices, Find Invoices, and Invoicing Departments
Service Reviewer Review Events
Service Manager Manage Operations
Service Worker Operations
Oversight (Approver) My Approvals


There are several specialized roles available if your system has the appropriate license.

Special Use Case Roles
Role Allows access to:
Calendar Manager Calendars, Calendar Properties
Room Sign Administrator Room Sign Profiles
Academic Administrator Academic Statuses
Academic Manager Create Terms, Import Course Data
Academic Planner Find Courses, Academic Book, Optimizer, Find Events, Event Book, Event Calendar
Advanced Academics  Academic Analytics



Other Administrator Roles
Role Allows access to:
User Administrator Create and Edit Users (except global admins)
Facilities Administrator Buildings, Rooms, Room Types, Room Setups, Building Hours
Event Administrator Event Types, Organization Types, Statuses, Cancel Reasons, Special Dates, Messages, Event Questions, Approvals, Confirmation Templates, Tasks, Scheduled Emails
Services Administrator Resources, Service Providers, Resource Groupings
Billing Administrator Pricing Plans, Taxes, Service Charges