Security Policies: Configuring Service Provider Rules

For systems using the advanced security option for requesters, you can optionally set booking rules by the service provider for each policy, allowing more granular control over when resources can be added and changed on events.


By default, if a user can add or change a booking (based on the rules defined in the security policy), the user can also add resources to that booking. However, in some situations, a service provider may need more time to process a request for their services. Using Manage Service Providers, found under Security Policies, allows an administrator to configure specific timeframes for each service provider for each security policy.

Defining rules for service providers

  1. Navigate to Settings > Security Policies > Manage Service Providers.
  2. Select the appropriate Service Provider from the dropdown box.
  3. Using the checkboxes, select the policies to apply the edit rule.
  4. From the popup menu, select Apply Rule.
  5. Enter the minimum number of hours required by the service provider.
  6. Press Save.

Repeat these steps for each service provider that requires special rules.  If you don't specify the earliest booking (hours) for a provider, the system will use the main policy rules to determine the add/edit window for the provider.