Security Policies: Standard Versus Advanced Mode

Mazevo can be configured to run in two different security modes, Standard and Advanced. The mode is set when the system is initially configured by Mazevo but can be changed.


There are two main questions that a security policy addresses:

  • What locations can the user request?
  • What are the allowed timeframes for making and editing requests?

Based on how your installation of Mazévo is configured, security policies are presented in one of two modes: standard and advanced. This mode is set by Mazévo support for your installation.

Regardless of the setting, a security policy dictates the requesting restrictions for all users assigned to it. A requester must be assigned a security policy to make requests.

The Difference Between Standard and Advanced Security Policies

Standard and advanced security policies have some key differences. They include:

Standard Security Policies

  • Easier to configure 
  • No time-of-day restrictions 
  • No limit to the duration of requests 
  • No limit to the number of bookings per event
  • The policy is associated with buildings, not rooms

Advanced Security Policies

  • Allow for limiting requests to certain time blocks (e.g., rooms only available to request from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • Allow for limiting the number of bookings on a new request
  • Allow for a maximum length/duration of a booking (e.g., bookings can only be up to four hours long)
  • Allow for a granular selection of rooms
  • Allow rooms to be reserved or requested (i.e., apply a status to a sub-policy—more on sub-policies are in the section on Advance Security Mode below)
  • Allow for creating different rules for different sets of rooms within one policy. 
  • Allow for defining a check-in/no-show timeframe.

Both security policy types allow the same restrictions for how far into the future bookings can be requested and how many days before the booking date requesters can create new bookings or changes must be made.

Determining Which Security Mode You Are Running

When you navigate to Security > Settings, you see an indicator of which mode you are running at the top of the page, like:

Security Policies - Standard-1

If you're running in advanced mode, the window looks like this:

A screenshot of the security policies in advanced mode