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The Optimization Process

This article gives a quick recap of the entire optimization process, from importing a term to processing the optimized results.


Bi-directional integration is a licensed feature.  For questions, contact Mazévo Support

The Process

  • Add a new term - This transfers all of the courses from the SIS into Mazévo.
  • Match Rooms - Enter any new building codes and room codes. Generally, this only needs to be done for the first term you add. If a room defined in Mazévo's settings does not have a room code associated with it, the room will not be used for room assignments.
  • Exclude Rooms from the optimizer - Mark any rooms excluded from optimization. If a room is excluded, you can still manually use the room for a course.
  • Open the Optimizer.
  • Set subject building preferences - These preferences, once established, are used for all future terms.
  • Set course type/room type preferences - These preferences, once established, are used for all future terms.
  • Exclude any courses from the process - Mazévo will not create bookings.
  • Mark courses that share rooms - Using the Match filter, associate any classes that will be sharing a room. 
  • Assign the SIS room to the appropriate courses - If you are not using the optimizer, you will select all courses and assign the SIS room. If you want to use the optimizer, you can use the SIS room for some classes and manually set rooms for others prior to using the optimizer. The optimizer will only assign rooms to courses that don't have a room assignment.
  • Run the optimizer - This assigns rooms to any course except:
    • Courses that have been explicitly excluded from optimization.
    • Courses that already have a room assigned and locked. Locking prevents the optimizer from altering the assignment.
  • Handle courses with no room assignments - The optimizer may not be able to assign a room to every class, in which case, you will manually set a room.
  • Process the term - Processing a term performs the following actions:
    • Creates bookings in Mazévo for each course date.
    • Changes the status of any event booking in a room used by a course to Academic Conflict.
    • Updates the SIS with the room assignment. Updating the SIS room assignment can be changed by Mazévo support.