How to Use Day At A Glance

Day At A Glance is a tool that provides event planners with a dashboard-like tool that allows them to quickly find events that need attention or additional processing. Users can select a variety of tools to be displayed on their dashboard.


Day At A Glance provides quick access to several key types of information:

  • Requests - shows all requests submitted via the Mazévo Mobile app or from the web request page. Events display in the order that the users submitted the request. However, if secondary approvals are defined in the system, requests are grouped by the approval status and date/time if approvals are used.
  • Today's Bookings - shows all bookings for the current day.
  • Approvals - shows events that have approvals. Events are grouped by Approval Type and will indicate the Approval State.
  • My Tasks - shows the tasks for the current user with a due date of 'Today' or earlier. The user can edit each task, mark the task as completed, and even reassign the task to another user.
  • Unread Messages - shows a list of events that have unread messages sent from the requester.
  • Requested Accounts - shows new account requests if the system is configured to allow a new user to request an account. This option is not available for Mazévo customers who use SSO and is only available if you use a vanity URL to log into the system.
  • Terms - shows a list of Terms that need additional processing. This option is only available to customers that use advanced academic tools.
  • Academic Conflicts - shows a list of bookings changed into the academic conflict status.  

Configuring Day at a Glance

The first time you run Day at a Glance, you will be directed to the setting screen to configure the tools you prefer to see:

Day at a Glance Setting Screen

You can check the box next to the tools you'd like to use from the screen above. Then, you can mark one as your favorite tool by clicking on the heart icon. The tool marked as the favorite will be shown automatically when you open/launch Day at a Glance.

On the Favorite Views tab, you can select the following tools:

  • Saved Views from Find Events
  • Saved Views from Activity Log
  • Saved Views from the Event Calendar
  • Saved Views from Email History
  • Published Reports

You can change the selected tools anytime by clicking on the hamburger icon at the top of the Day at a Glance window and selecting the settings option.


Using Day at a Glance

After configuring your selected tools, your favorite tool will be displayed. To choose a different tool, click the hamburger icon at the top and click on a different tool.

An example of the Day at a Glance menu