How to Use Day At A Glance

This article describes Day At A Glance, a tool that provides event planners with a quick way to find events that need attention or additional processing.


The Day At A Glance tool provides quick access to five key types of information, which are represented by circles that indicate how many items are in these groups:

  • Bookings 
  • Requests
  • Approvals
  • My Tasks
  • Unread Messages
  • Requested Accounts

Day at a glance page

To see the list of bookings for any of these groups, click the appropriate circle. Then, click an event from the list of events to learn more about it or edit it.


This group shows all bookings for the current day.


This group shows all requests submitted via the Mazévo Mobile app or from the web request page. Events display in the order that the users submitted the request. However, if approvals are used, requests are grouped by the approval status and date/time.


This group lists events that have approvals. Events are grouped by Approval Type and will indicate the Approval State.

My Tasks

This group lists the tasks for the current user that have a due date of 'Today' or earlier.  The user can edit each task, mark the task as completed, and even reassign the task to another user.

Unread Messages

The Unread Messages group displays events that have unread messages sent by the primary contact on the event to event planners.  

Requested Accounts

This group displays new account requests if the system is configured to allow a new user to request an account.  This group is not available for Mazévo customers who use SSO and is only available if you use a vanity URL to log into the system.