Using Days Available when Adding New Events

Sometimes the room you want to schedule for a series of dates isn't available for all dates. This article will explain the tools available to help you resolve these conflicts.

Mazévo will let you know when the room you wish to schedule for multiple days is not available for all dates. Once you have selected your dates and times and press next you will see a list of rooms and the number of days each is available.

Best Available Room Search with Days Available


From here you can either (A)View the Dates of Room Conflicts, (B) View/Edit Bookings Causing a Conflict or (C) Book the Room for the Available Dates

Viewing the Dates of Room Conflicts

Hovering over the number of days available will display the individual dates where there is a conflict.

New event days available

View/Edit Bookings Causing a Conflict

By clicking the conflict tab you can see all the rooms that contain conflicts.

New Event Conflict Tab


Clicking the number in days in conflict will show you the bookings that are the cause of the conflict.

New Event Days in Conflict


By clicking the booking name in the list you will be taken to a new tab where you can view more details about the booking or edit the bookings location if you wish.

New Event Bookings in Conflict with arrow

Book the Room for the Available Dates


Select the room you wish to book

New Event Best available


You will be presented with a window that allows you to pick from a list of rooms that are available or you can press skip. If you press skip no booking will be created on that date.

New Event Best Available Assign Room


Once all the dates have a room assigned or are skipped you press done to save your room assignments. You may now finish entering the details of the event.